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More Than Swimwear...

heidi fishAcclaimed fashion designer Heidi Fish has always prided herself on delivering cutting edge, fashion forward swim apparel. She follows current street fashion and accessory trends yet takes them a step further in her designs. "The fun part for me is creating design concepts then interpreting them as more than just a swimsuit. My suits are outfits. They're a fashion statement that can be worn on or off the beach...a little exotic, a lot cutting edge." She is a mother of five son's who had a dream. Fish started her business in her kitchen. She than took her swimsuits and sold them off the beach near her home.

Currently her design studio, showroom and production is still done in house. Fish has vision, she is self taught. Her patterns and tailored cuts offer many unique styles. She shops the smaller specialty clothing Mills and chooses high quality European fabrics to produce her line." The true key to my success has been understanding my clienteles' style and flair, further recognizing that I need to develop my own brand and to market it accordingly.

Couture Style Featuring Sophisticated Embellishments...

Fish say's it's how your suit is made quality, and construction. She uses a higher gage elastic. When wearing a swimsuit if one is made of poor quality and with a low gage of elastic you will only be able to wear your suit for a few months.Heidi Fish Also, the fit will not be right. Fish say's her suits will last a few years and guess what. You still have a great fit. Her repeat customers have told her they just want a new style and will be proud to wear another Heidi Fish Swimsuit.

The Source of Inspiration...

Heidi Fish began designing swimwear in 1999. Four years later, she concluded that the swimwear industry needed a fresh look. That's when she started Heidi Fish Swimwear. She drew inspiration from her earlier years when her grandmother, Henrietta Staving/ Baumann taught her the traditional skills of how to conceptualize a garment, measure the individual pieces and stitch it together for a finished product. Henrietta, born in Bremen, Germany on September 13th, 1897 was a liberal woman who only spoke German. She worked for Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City from 1934-48 as the Head Designer in Millinery Couture Hats.

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Her clients included many of Hollywood's premier actresses, and the women of the world-renowned Rockefeller family. On behalf of Saks Fifth Avenue, Henrietta also contracted with various movie sets and film companies to design hat costumes for actresses. After an illustrious career, Henrietta died in 1984. Her gift for design however was passed onto her. Granddaughter Heidi. Combined with her own ambition and dedication, Heidi Fish has created a name and reputation for herself as one of the industry's most talented swimwear designers and manufactures.